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It's Official: Ward Cunningham Hired by Eclipse

Wow. I have had the distinct pleasure of working for the last year with Ward Cunningham, creator of wiki and one of the founding fathers of the agile movement. Every meeting with Ward was one of those amazing experiences where you walk away slightly dazed as you slowly realize that he sees the world differently than the rest of us. And that is his genius. He has a gift for seeing the simplest solutions to hard problems.

Any time we had a hard time naming something, a class, an event, a project, anything, Ward would quietly ask questions until he reached the point where he would say, “You knowΓǪ that sounds like aΓǪ”

And you know what? He was right. Every time.

So this morning I was sent this link from EclipseZone.com announcing that Ward is going to be joining the Eclipse Foundation. I know Ward will do well there and I’m sure they will recognize and utilize Ward’s genius in their work.

Ward, we&nbsp_place_holder;are sorry to see you go and we will all miss you dearly. Best of luck in your new endeavors. Please stay in touch.