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Geek Notes 2005-08-28

Now that Finn is basically a full time walker and is starting to show that famous attitude that all of the Provost’s seem to possess, we finally decided to turn his room into a real little boy’s room. Out with the “guest room” furniture and in with the little boy stuff. We took a trip to Ikea yesterday to start scouting furniture and colors. I’m&nbsp_place_holder;sure Emily will be posting more details as we proceed.

Here are a few things that have been collecting in my “blog this” collection…

  • Enterprise Library for .NET August CTP - Many congrats to the EntLib team. They’ve been busting their asses getting this ready for all of you. Enjoy!
  • Monad Team Blog - Yes, I’m still hooked on Msh (aka Monad). Now the team has a shared blog so those who don’t have their own spout can share the Monad goodness.
  • Freedom Languages - An excellent philosophical article that compares “safety languages” with “freedon languages”. A quote: “Freedom languages are those languages that put the individual programmer at the center of their philosophical world.&nbsp_place_holder; They work hard to remove any language constructs that reduce programmer freedom, and add the most powerful constructs available.”
  • OpenSpace - Martin Fowler explains some of the history and background of Open Space… a very cool ‘agile’ way of doing conferences and get-togethers.
  • Cracking Software To Run Non-Admin&nbsp_place_holder;- Lee Holmes does something I’ve always wanted to do… actually crack someone’s binaries to fix their LUA stupidity. Yeah, it may be a violatio of the license agreement, but as far as I’m concerned it isn’t being done for profit or to steal IP but to fix a bug.
  • Mio GPS SmartPhone - Hmmm… I was thinking I was gonna wait for a Q-Phone, but I may have to get one of these instead. [via Rory]
  • OQO 01&nbsp_place_holder;- While browsing the comments on Rory’s Mio GPS Smartphone post, I found someone talking about this… the smallest self-contained PC&nbsp_place_holder;ever built. Oooooh. I want one.

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