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Geek Notes 2005-07-26

My wife’s friend Becca was in town with her baby this past weekend, which was nice. Becca is the person who introduced Emily and myself. Her boy, Henry, is adorable and since he is the same age as Finn, it was fun watching them play together.

  • iBang’s Ultimate Shuffle Mix - You all know that I love my iPod Shuffle, but I’ll admit to being confused by the iTunes random selection algorithm. I went looking for a better way to make a shuffle playlist and found this. Pretty good.
  • Meh - It’s funny… there is a hand gesture that a number of us on the CAB team use to basically indicate indifference. It is hard to describe, but this word is the verbal equivalent. I tried to find an emoticon for this concept and couldn’t but I guess that “meh” isn’t that hard to write…
  • OfficeGuns - Wow. Cool. Small weapons made out of simple office supplied. Perfect for those long boring meetins we all have to deal with. The simplest one is the Double Maul, but you really should check out the Super Maul which they say is “not practical for random battles, but more of a gun for the determined assassin.” [via Boing Boing]
  • Boycott NHL Opening Day - Apparently a number of NHL fans are dissatisfied with the CBA agreement that ended the NHL lockout and are proposing that all “true” hockey fans should boycott the opening day games. [via DonXML]
  • Konfabulator 2.1 for Windows - I must have missed this somewhere along the way, but then today I saw these cool widgets on Brad Wilson’s desktop and I wanted them too. Apparently this used to cost money but now that Yahoo! owns them, it is free.

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