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Geek Notes 2005-07-14

Wow. I guess becoming the dev lead on a project at Microsoft distracted me from the blog a little bit, eh? No Geek Notes posts since May 9th. Oops.

  • String Resource Tool - Scott and I tried to convince them to let us release this last year when we were getting ready to ship EntLib 1.0. If you saw the localizable string resouce stuff in there and wanted to do it yourself, then go get this tool. (Note: If you’re using Whidbey you don’t need it, but if you are on .NET 1.x, go get it.)
  • Photos of the CAB War Room - There is nothing better than having your team all in the same room collaborating. I gladly gave up my office to get this. Music rocking, whiteboards everywhere, people talking and yelling and fighting. It doesn’t get any better than this. (Thanks to Kzu for taking and posting the photos.)
  • MSIZap and MSIInv - I thought I blogged these last year, but I can’t find the post. So I must not have. These are two must have tools for your thumb drive. They let you really see what is installed and clean them up. (Scott should add these to his Ultimate Tools List.)
  • Notepad2 Ruby Highlighting - I’ve been telling people that Ruby was cooler than Python since the big Python rush last year and it looks like people are finally starting to agree. Now if we could only get a CLR implementation al would be right in the world. BTW, I use VIM and have had Ruby highlighting forever.
  • FinePrint - HmmmΓǪ looks good, and when Mr. Hanselman gushes this much, you’ve at least gotta take a look.
  • Visual Studio Guidelines - I saw John Robbins using these in a kick-ass debugging class he led at MS last week. Now he’s blogged it so I don’t have to email him to ask what the reg key was.