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Geek Notes 2005-05-09

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. When you have little kids you will be sick more often that any other time in your life (except perhaps when you were a little kid).

But before I got whatever my kids had last week, I did have├é a good weekend with them. On Saturday the whole family volunteered at her school. We put in├é a “Butterfly Garden” which is basically a ton of flowers and stuff in new beds. It was fun. Yesterday, of course, was mother’s day and we (me and Hadley) tried our best to pamper Emily all day. I think we only partially succeeded, but that’s about the best you can do with a 3 year old accomplish and a hollering 10 month old.

At least we tried.

  • Busy Box - A very cool alternative for a progress bar on a website. Looks to be very well done and feature rich. Check it out. [via Jeff Atwood]
  • More Super Cool Ruby - John Lam seems to be playing with Ruby this year too. Like him I discovered the cool WIN32OLE class. However, I hadn’t yet thought of how to wrap those objects to add new functionality. Then he takes it one further and shows how to do a better “using” statement than C# has. Damn I love that dynamic languages can do things like that. (Now that we have IronPython, where is Ruby for .NET??)
  • The Entomologist, The Redhead and The Dog - YesΓǪ my wife has posted more pictures of our family on her blog.
  • Where Does Unit Testing Fail - Mike Gunderloy interviews Mike Clark for ADT Magazine. Mr. Clark gives a great answer to this question that confuses people all the time. [via Darrell Norton]
  • Ada for .NET - The Deprartment of Computer Science at the USAFA has ported Ada to the .NET platform. Very cool. I think I first heard about this project a few years ago but they put out a new version last fall. They’re looking for someone to help them write a VSIP package for VS.NET if you just love Ada and want to help out. ├é [via The Daily Grind #615]

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