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Geek Notes 2005-04-23

Today was a wonderful Saturday home with the family. We all got up in good moods and decided that since it was a nice day we should go downtown. We walked around the Seattle Center for a while and then ended up going in to the Childrens Museum. Hadley had a blast playing with all the crap and Finn loved watching all the kids from his perch on my back. At lunch we retired to the food court upstairs where there was some kind of Japanese cultural fair going on or something. There was music, dancing, singing, geisha, booths and all kinds of stuff. It was a good day.

  • Underwhelmed by VSTS Test - My good friend Brian Button spent a day trying to use VSTS Test instead of NUnit and came away slightly less than happy. Brian is one off the best TDD guys I’ve worked with so take his observations and critiques seriously.
  • Seattle Gas Prices - This is cool. Everyday folks like you and me can report gas prices in their neighborhood and this site helps you find the cheapest place to buy. Also available for a number of other cities. Check it out.
  • Kyle Stacy RC Helicopter Savant - Holy shit. I’ve logged a few hours in an RC heli simulator, but never flown a real one. I have no idea how this 9 year old kid does the tricks he does in these videos. Amazing.
  • Nintendo Controllers as Musical Instruments - This is way cool. The ex-MIDI music geek tinkerer is drooling. Now if I can only find my soldering iron amid all the Fisher Price children’s toysΓǪ
  • Cleaning Up MSN Messenger Worm - An ex-coworker recently got nailed by one of those IM worms and has posted his experience getting rid of it. I don’t know if his removal steps are complete or not, so comment on his post if he missed something.
  • Fixed Price Contracts in Agile Projects - I’ve had to deal with this one a number of times before joining MS. I was generally successul in getting customers to understand why fixed price projects weren’t good, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.
  • Virtual PC Command Line Reference - Nice stuff if you use VPC for development. (You do, don’t you?) [via The Daily Grind 606]