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The .NET Guy Takes the Red Pill

Man, this has been hard to keep under my hat. Brad Wilson&nbsp_place_holder;is joining the patterns & practices team. As he says in his announcement post:

When Peter left for the PAG group at Microsoft, I confidentially told him that he had to let me know when the next opening came around. I had to leave the startup I’d been working at for 2 years right around that time. I took a contract with NewsGator, and set about to start finding something that was in line with my career goals. I talked to a few places about getting into corporate developer training. However, PAG was the ideal job for me, so I was over-joyed when Peter told me they would be hiring an SDE.

And, as I blogged a while back, we had an opening for an SDE slot. Brad sent in his resume, interviewed, was offered the position and has now accepted.

Very cool. We are really looking forward to having him.