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Geek Notes 2005-02-26

As Brian mentioned on his blog the other day, he and I have started a new blog community site called AgileProgrammer.com. We hope to attract developers who tend to write about agile software development. If you think you would fit in here, drop me a line and let me know.

  • Source Code for WinForms - Shawn Burke is trying to get the source code for WinForms released to the public. As he says, “ΓǪthis is not the MFC model where you’ll be able to build it, etc. We’re talking about just source and PDBs for debugging.” [via Don Box]
  • 16 Rules to Live By - Bob Parsons from GoDaddy lists his “rules to live by”. I really like his list. I think I may print it out and hang it on the cork board in my office. [via Jason Bock]
  • Learning Ruby - Don Box is thining of learning Ruby, and for a while was considering using it to teach his kids to program. Back at the beginning of this year when everyone and their dog decided to learn Python, I decided to go with Ruby.&nbsp_place_holder;In addition to Ten Things a Java Programmer Should Know About Ruby&nbsp_place_holder;(which actually has 75 items), I would recommend reading and trying to do the weekly RubyQuiz as well.
  • Rootkit Revealer - Like many geeks, I have a keychain flash drive on which I have&nbsp_place_holder;a folder with a number of useful tools. This new one from Sysinternals.com was added to the list as soon as I found it. [via The Daily Grind 565]
  • C64DTV Hacks&nbsp_place_holder;- Yet another cool little hackable system. Buy a C64DTV joystick game machine, hack it a bit,&nbsp_place_holder;and now you have a full fledged Commodore64 (as far as I can tellΓǪ I haven’t tried it yet). [via Christian Weyer]