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Geek Notes 2005-02-23

I’m back. Been busy as hell since&nbsp_place_holder;we got back from MexicoΓǪ

  • Ajax: A New Approach - Apparently there is now a name for XML+Javascript web applications like GMail and Google Maps. BTW, if you haven’t tried Google Maps yet, you need to stop right now and go check it out. Amazing.
  • Getting Rid of WebForms - Brad Wilson wrote about this idea a long time ago and now it looks like they’ve done it for CruiseControl.NET too.
  • Automobile Virus - It had to happen. Soon we will have viruses for everything we own. Oh the wonderful world of connected devices.
  • Process Explorer 9.0 - This must have too from sysinternals revved lately. Go get it.
  • XSLTO - Wow. This is a much friendlier way to do XSLT - in C#. I’m with Craig on this oneΓǪ less XML-as-a-programming-language.
  • More Presentation Tips - I’ve always referred people to Scott Hanselman’s presentation tips, but when Scott starts referring people to this list, you gotta take a look.
  • Building Your Own Windows MCE Home Theatre System - From scratch for about $1500. HmmmΓǪ I love my TiVo, but when I finally decide to give up on it, I think I’ll build something like this.
  • Help Beatallica - From Craig Andera’s post: “ΓǪthey need your help. They’re being sued by the a-holes at Sony for copyright infringement of The Beatles work, despite the fact that they’re doing parodies, which is legal.”