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Home From Sayulita

SayulitaWe flew home from lovely Sayulita Mexico on Tuesday. Man, that is a beautiful place. Located about 30 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, it is&nbsp_place_holder;a small town that you can tell is destined to grow into a bigger tourist destination. There were signs of growth everywhere. Lots of construction, new restaurants and hotels, etc.

But despite the growth, the place is still charming. The people were nothing but friendly and helpful.

Although I didn’t bring a laptop, I probably could have blogged all I wanted. Believe it or not, in this little village that barely takes credit cards, and doesn’t have an&nbsp_place_holder;ATM, there are at least three internet cafes. I couldn’t believe it. One of them was right on the beach and was free as long as you bought something to eat or drink.

The wedding was wonderful. Brandon and Claire Moynahan (nee Murret) were married in the local town Catholic church… right off the main town square. A couple of local gentlemen played guitar and two sisters sang the choruses. The reception was up in a villa on top of the highest hill in town. On one side you could see all the way down the beach. The party was great, more food and drink than anyone could ask for and a killer Mariachi band to boot. After sunset there was ever a fireworks display shot from the beach below. Amazing.

The only thing I’m disappointed in was that I didn’t get a chance to surf. I dabbled with surfing once when I was younger and really missed an opportunity to try it again in Sayulita. The waves were perfect and there were plenty of available teachers, both for pay and for free (friends).

All in all it was a wonderful, much needed vacation for Emily and me. While we were glad to get home to our kids, we also were sad about leaving the tropics and returning to&nbsp_place_holder;Seattle in the winter.

I got back to the office Wednesday morning to&nbsp_place_holder;find 100+ unread work emails, a few dozen personal emails, 1000s of unread mailing list emails, dozens of blog comments and contacts and more than a thousand unread blog posts in my aggregator. Scott Densmore told me the answer is to press the delete button, but I just can’t do that with everything. It just feels wrong. So I’m working my way through it all. A lot of lower priority stuff just had to go into /dev/nul in order to get through it all, but I tried to read most of it. I think I’m almost caught up now, so hopefully I’ll be able to return to some interesting technical blogs soon.

One additional note… Enterprise Library (which many people have apparently shortened to EL) has had more than 25,000 downloads. Congrats to the whole PAG team for a job well done. And thanks to all of you out there for taking the time to download it, explore it, and (we hope) use it in your development efforts.