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World Juggling Federeation on ESPN2 This Week

I love juggling. I’m not very good but I want to be. I’ve got JuggleSaver as my screensaver. I’ve been playing with MAGNUS to try to learn more about site-swaps. I’ve spent too much time reading all the information on juggling.org. I’ve got a set of clubs and balls at homeΓǪ and another one at work.

So&nbsp_place_holder;yesterday when I read on Boing Boing that the World Juggling Federation Championships is being shown as five separate half hour shows on ESPN2 starting tomorrow, I got a little excited. They are showing:

  • Advanced Ball Competition
  • Advanced Ring Competition
  • Advanced Club Competition
  • Team 6 Competition
  • Team 7+ Competition

The TiVo is set!!

If you like juggling, visit theWJF site and watch the ESPN commercial. Very cool.

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