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Geek Notes 2004-12-27

So Christmas is over and it is still a ghost town here on campus. I shouldn’t be surprised, when you have to “use it or lose it”, you make sure to take your vacation, right?

Our first Christmas by ourselves in Seattle was fun. Hadley got her “purple baby”, but it is a bit creepy because it is the same size as my son Finn. When I see her carrying it around by one leg, we can’t help but jump up thinking she’s got the boy by the leg!

And if that weren’t enough, this morning my wife IMed me and told me that Hadley has already started talking about “what she wants next from Santa.” Great.

  • The Free Lunch Is Over[](http://www.gotw.ca/publications/concurrency-ddj.htm)&nbsp_place_holder;- In this article, soon to be published in DDJ and subtitled “A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software”, Herb Sutter outlines why developers will be driven to produce concurrency aware by changes (hyperthreading, multi-core, etc.) made by processor manufacturers. Moore’s Law is coming to an end. Must read.
  • I Hate ResX Files - Well I don’t, but Shawn Van Ness does. And here’s why. Good points all. And he’s got some helpful code and tools to help deal with the problem.
  • Lego Logic Gates - Very cool. This guy has made working NOT, OR, AND and NAND gates. I need more legos [via Boing Boing]
  • CTRL-F5 Is Back - A number of bloggers (myself included) complained about the removal of CTRL-F5 from Whidbey and now it looks like they’ve added it back in. Community involvement pays off!
  • Coffin Weed&nbsp_place_holder;- Ha ha ha ha a truck driver got arrested after cops discovered 610 lbs of pot in the coffins they were hauling. As expected, they didn’t look inside to see what was in the coffins would you?

Also, I some time over the long weekend working&nbsp_place_holder;on my new blog skin. Hopefully it will be done soon. I’ve learned a lot about how .TEXT is put together some of which I don’t like very much. But honestly, when was the last time you looked at someone else’s code and fell in love?

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