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Lord Robert May on Science

I do not believe in any philosophies of how science is done. It’s essentially an almost existential process of asking questions about how the world works. There are different styles. Some people will be hugely useful, as well as hugely happy, spending their lives going down a narrow channel, learning more and more and more about something. Others with&nbsp_place_holder;a shorter attention span, you might say, will be happy hopping around and are more interested in the earlier stages&nbsp_place_holder; of something: what are the essentials of this, and then leaving the elaboration of that to people of a different kind. That kind of personality is not necessarily the person who would flourish on a large team that’s going to spend 10 years on a problem. You need both. And I belong to the short attention span set.

– Lord Robert May interviewed by Jocelyn Selim, Discover Magazine, November 2004, p23.

Editor’s note: I think I belong to the short attention span set too.