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Geek Notes 2004-11-26

Boy, campus was s a graveyard Wednesday. It seems that everyone took an extended vacation this week. As a new employee, I was at work. Yesterday we had a great Thanksgiving dinner in our new house. Since he is here without his family this month, Scott Densmore joined us. We ate too much, drank too much and had a great time.

  • Regex for RFC822 - Parsing email addresses with a regex is notoriously hard, but this regex is apparently very close. But is is possible the biggest, ugliest regex I’ve ever seen and I haven’t tried it with the .NET Regex class either.
  • Science Geek in the Kitchen - What happens when a geek gets into the kitchen on Thanksgiving? (free registration required)
  • Taxonomy for Bad Code “Smells” - Mika M├â┬ñntyl├â┬ñ originally created this list as part of his masters thesis and is now maintaining it online.
  • PureText 2.0 - I often copy-paste from IE, Outlook or Word into BlogJet or an email message and want only the plain text, without any formatting. This tool makes that really easy.
  • Place Holder Pages in SharePoint Site Definitions - Kris Syverstad has finally blogged a technique that he and Scott Pachelo use for leaving extension points in SP site defs. Also Kris is publicly showing off his most recent SP project. Check it out. It is the most customized SharePoint implementation I’ve ever heard of.
  • Grey Video - Remember the mashup of The Beatles White Album and Jay-Z’s The Black Album? It was called The Grey Album and now someone has made a cool video to go along with one of the tracks.
  • TiVo Sells Your Fast Forward Button - TiVo announced that starting next year they will be showing banner ads when you fast-forward. That itself isn’t all that annoying, but what is annoying–perhaps even disturbing–is that if you accidentally press the wrong button during one of those ads, they will send your personal information to the advertiser. Ugh.

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