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DirecTV TiVo + Lingo VoiP == Not Good

We decided, after much negotiating between me and my wife, to put a second TV in our bedroom. Since we are a DirecTV TiVo family downstairs, we decided that we would do the same upstairs.

This afternoon the installer showed up and got us all hooked up.

Or so we thought.

It turns out that DirecTV TiVo can’t dial out over my Lingo VoiP line. I did a bunch of research and discovered all kinds of secret TiVo codes (“,#019” and all that) that were supposed to help, but they didn’t. I also tried a USB ethernet adapter, but apparently my TiVo software is not new enough.

The good thing is that I know from experience with my other reciever that I don’t actually need the phone connection once I get it all setup. All of the guide information comes from the satellite (unlike a traditional TiVo where it get it over the phone every other night or so).

So now I just need to find a friendly co-worker who has a landline to let me come over and plug my TiVo into their phone jack. Once it finishes its setup and activation, I’m good to go.