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Geek Notes 2004-09-01

So… my first Geek Notes since joining the collective. :)

I’m kind of frustrated because I can’t seem to get BlogJet to work from campus. The strange thing is that I can hit the webservice endpoint just fine with a browser, but BlogJet tells me, “Cannot connect to server. Please check your connection or try again later.” Bummer. I’ve submitted a support request to the folks at BlogJet, we’ll see what they say.

  • WsContractFirst Addin v0.3 - I absolutely loved v0.2 and I’m sure v0.3 will just be better. Write your WSDL first and you will be happy, use this tool instead of wsdl.exe and you will be happier.
  • GmailFS - Wow, this is a cool hack. It is for Linux only, but still… the idea of mounting your Gmail mail system as a file system is very cool. I already use my Gmail account for backups, but I have to email it with a particular subject to get it to fire the right filters. This so much better. [via The Daily Grind 450]
  • .NET Service Packs - SP1 for .NET 1.1 and SP3 for .NET 1.0. Get ‘em while they’re hot.
  • Looking Back at 20 Years with MS - Wow. Give this a read. What a cool career he has had. [via simplegeek]
  • Alcohol + Geek == DANGEROUS - I’m talking about isopropyl alcohol, not ethanol (aka booze). Sounds like Will almost burned his apartment complex down.
  • Default Button in ASP.NET - Scott Hanselman collects a number of solutions to this problem in one place. Saved for future reference.

I’m back!