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First Day at MS

I’m sure you all read Rory’s post about his NEO experience. Mine was similar but different.&nbsp_place_holder;A lot of information… more than any one human can expect to take at one time.

After that I headed over to meet with my new boss, Jim Newkirk. We got me settled into my office (5/2191), chatted a bit and made sure my logins worked and such. A little bit later Ward Cunningham swung by to say hi (his office is two doors down from mine). Slowly, over the next hour or two, I met many more people on the team, including most of the people on the EntLib team.

I’m still waiting for my “real” machine to arrive, so I’m using a temp laptop for now. I hope they let me keep it, but I’ve been told that SDEs don’t get laptops. Bummer.