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Finally Settled in Seattle

What a week it has been.

I spent last weekend finishing the basement on my Denver house so I could put it on the market as soon as we left. We had my entire in-law family over painting, scraping and other good stuff on Sunday night. It was amazing. Many thanks to Neil, Vince, Andrew, Owen, Roger, Meghan and Ellen. Without your help I never would have finished it.

On Monday Aug 23rd, the day we got on the plane to fly to Seattle, I was there, putting finishing touches on a few things until 12:30 PM. At 2:00 PM, we threw eight suitcases, a double stroller, a toddler car-seat and an infant carrier in the back of our rented mini-van and headed to the airport.

I always wondered who used sky-caps, but now I know. People who are traveling with too much shit, that’s who! The sky-cap helped me unload the cars and get all the stuff to the Alaska Airlines desk. They gladly took the suitcases, but we still had to muscle the rest (plus the two kids) through the DIA security checkpoint. Hadley (my 2-1/2 year old daughter) was a dream throughout the entire process. The only part that she didn’t like all that much was when the security man wanted to put her “pink baby” through the X-Ray machine. But it came out the other side and she was happy again.

By the way, if you are ever in line at the security check behind a couple of parents like us, with two kids, two seats, a stroller and their own stuff… please be patient. We are trying. Really. But it is hard.

The flight was much easier than we had feared because my lovely wife Emily had planned so well. A new, never-seen-before toy every 20 minutes will keep&nbsp_place_holder;a toddler in their seat better than anything else. And they don’t have to be big expensive things either. One piece of advice though… remember to buy and put batteries in everything before you get on the plane or at least before you show it to the kid.

We arrived in Seattle, picked up two cars from Avis (no way that much crap was gonna fit in one) and had the sky-cap take it all out to both cars. I tipped him well, though, so I don’t think he minded that much.

I’ve been to Redmond a number of times before, so the drive was fairly uneventful. Picked up our temporary housing keys and headed over to our apartment. It is a nice three bedroom affair in a sprawling&nbsp_place_holder;apartment complex that has hundreds of units. It is basically across the street from the east side of campus, so I’m thinking I may be able to walk to Building 5… not sure yet.

That was Monday. Tuesday was lay around and rest day. And we all needed it. Tuesday night, my dad and his wife arrived to give us a couple of weeks of assistance with the kids. It has only bee 4 days and I already don’t know how we would have gotten this far without them. Many thanks to Grammie and Bompie.

Wednesday and Thursday we left the kids with them and went house hunting with our Seattle agent, Mary Orvis. If you ever need an agent, give Mary a call (and tell her I sent you). She has been working the Seattle real estate scene for 20 years and knows it better than everyone. She’s a lot of fun to work with and with work her ass off for you.

We looked at ten or twelve houses the first day, all south of Bellevue. We went as far south as Maple Valley (too far) and found a couple of nice ones in Renton.

We hit another dozen on Thursday, this time going north. It is a completely different feel up north than down south. South feels like classic suburbia. North feels a lot more “country”. I’ve only been here four days, so I could be wrong, but that is the feeling we got.

We saw a couple of nice ones up there too and some real bad ones. I mean real bad ones. One of them we called the “porno house”. I’ll let your imagination go with that…

Today we took a break from the real estate scene and went with grandparent and kids to explore downtown Seattle. We hit the Seattle Center and Hadley had a blast on the kiddie rides. Unfortunately the monorail was down so we decided to drive over to Pike St. to grab lunch and see the market. But after lunch the kids needed naps, so we skipped the fish-throwing. That’s okay, we’ll be back.

That is pretty much everything from the past week. We are having a good time and the rain isn’t bothering us too much. (Although everyone has been vocal about how it didn’t really start raining until Monday and that we brought it with us from Denver. Fancy that.)

On Monday I’ll be on campus somewhere for New Employee Orientation. I don’t know exactly when, but sometime after that I’ll probably be over in Building 5, my new home.

And now, since the kids are sleeping, I will go to sleep too.