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Olympic Athletes Banned From Blogging

I thought this was kind of interesting. Today while driving home from work, I heard on NPR that the Olympic Committee has banned the athletes from blogging.

Apparently there is a fear that they will scoop the major news outlets, who of course have paid for their access and would be quite annoyed if some kid blew their story.

Has anyone heard more about this? Sound ludicrous to me.

NPR also mentioned Scott Goldblatt, a US swimmer who is defying the ban to blog his experiences in Athens. Good job Scott!

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UPDATE 2004-08-18: It looks like I’m not the only one who heard about this. David Arkin, a Canadian journalist, was told by a Canadian athlete that they were told not to blog.

UPDATE 2004-08-20: This story just made SiliconValley.com. Did I really get the web scoop on this? My post was on 8/16.