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Do You See This Post?

By day, a mild mannered construction worker, by night&nbsp_place_holder;a man feverishly trying to get his Internet sites all moved to a new hosted server.

The basement is now essentially done. I threw in the towl and decided to pay someone to finish the tape and plaster for me. They should be done by Thursday, just in time for the carpet to be installed. Then I paint all weekend and fly out on the following Monday.

As for the web site stuff, I’ve been doing it slowly for the past few weeks. I’m now hosted at WebHost4Life after getting a recommendation from Brad Wilson.

So if you are reading this post, then you know you are on the new server. This post doesn’t exist on the old one. :)

What I would like, if you don’t mind, is for a few of you to please post a comment that you saw this post. I want to make sure it is all working fine for RSS people, web readers, comments, etc.