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Geek Notes 2004-08-11

So now you all know that I’m heading to PAG. I’ve had a few people around here ask me “So what’s the deal with the Application Blocks?”

Ummm… I’m sorry. We didn’t talk about that during my interview. :)

But yesterday Sandy Khaund posted a nice write up of how the App Blocks and Enterprise Library fit together, so maybe that will help explain.

  • Web Messenger - This looks like an interesting way for people to do MSN&nbsp_place_holder;IM when their employer foolishly bans IM. [via Denis Bauer]
  • Mafia: The Game - Last night at the Denver Pragmatic Programmers meeting, we finished a bit early and Keith Brown showed us how to play this game. It was a blast. Now Keith is trying to start a Mafia Club here in Denver. Too bad I’m moving…
  • BizTalk Documentation Update - Looks like they’ve updated the product docs again. (Also the Tutorials, IW Product Docs and the Installation Guide.) I wonder why this needs to be updated every month?
  • TiVo Saves Bomb Suspect - This guy was accused of having a bomb in his suitcase… until he showed the cops some video from his TiVo showing him using the device (a microphone) on the Craig Kilborn show. LOL
  • Windows XP SP2 on BitTorrent? - They’re gonna try to get it onto the big distributed file sharing network. Why not?
  • Werner Vogels Joins Amazon - The big Dutchman is leaving Cornell and headed to Amazon. Congrats Werner! Since he is moving to Seattle, maybe I’ll bump into him there. I hope so. He and I spent most of the 2004 PDC Party hanging out with Harry Pierson getting drunk. That was a blast.