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Geek Notes 2004-08-04

The basement is coming along nicely at this point. I’ve got the walls framed, the electrical all in and about 20% of the drywall up. I’m going to try to do the rest of the walls this week and then this weekend I’ll rent a panel lifter and do the ceiling.

  • Active Object Pattern in .NET - Brian Button shows a very nice little implementation of the Active Object Pattern that lets you decouple method execution from method invocation when working with background processing scenarios. If you aren’t familiar with this pattern, you should take a look at Brian’s post and the PDF.
  • Woot There It Is! - Will posted this on his blog… they sell one product a day at a price you can’t believe. Check it out.
  • Pub/Sub Systems In BizTalk 2004 - The BizTalk Core Engine team has posted a nice write up of how pub/sub works inside of BizTalk 2004.

By the way, come back later today because I’ll be making a big&nbsp_place_holder;announcement (for me). I decided against the whole, “7 days until something big happens” pioneered by the Thinktechture guys, but I don’t mind giving a few hours foreshadowing. :)