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Geek Notes 2004-07-04

Had a blast tonight. We had a bunch of old friends over for a barbecue and as expected Hadley (my two year old) was the hit of the party. She made friends with everyone and loved being the center of attention. Now the wife and I are sitting quietly, enjoying the Macy’s show on TiVo.

  • TestFu 0.2 - I really need to download this suite of tools that Peli has put out. He’s got some very cool classes for database testing… SqlAdministrator, SqlExplorer and most interesting… SqlFixture.
  • Unit Testing BoF at TechEd EMEA - Jim Newkirk hosted what sounds like an excellent BoF on unit testing at Tech Ed Europe.
  • Breaking Changes and Obsolete Members in .NET 2.0 - Brad Abrams posts some links to some important changes in Whidbey that all developers using .NET now need to know about.
  • Systems That Last - Aaron Skonnard says something in this post that rings true with my feelings: Service-orientation is about building systems that last.
  • BlogJet Is Good - James Avery switched. I’ve been using BlogJet for a week now and I agree with him: nothing spectacular, but better than everything else out there for posting and managing a blog.
  • Fix Your Family’s Computers - Scott Hanselman says that we should all take advantage of the opportunity and install things like Anti-SpyWare software on our family’s machines. I do this kind of thing every time I get in front of a relative’s computer. You should too.