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Geek Notes 2004-06-30

Still working on BizTalk. I spent today refreshing my mind by reviewing the BTS04 Tutotial and Updated Product Documentation (it has been a while since I worked with it).

I also started collecting information from Covast about their EDI Accelerator. Looks sweet.

  • BizTalk Core Engine’s WebLog - Looks like some of the BTS Team has started a group blog. I wonder if they’ve heard my cry for a unit testing solution? Sure would be nice to see a post from them on that front.
  • CDex - I have been using Windows Media Player for a while, but I recently went back to WinAMP. So I needed a good way to rip my CDs. I used to use EAC+LAME, but Brad Wilson showed me this free tool which works like a charm.
  • Unit Testing With a Database - Jim Newkirk posts a couple of articles about the problems of database testing. I would also recommend Jim’s book as a reference on that topic.
  • To Throw or Not To Throw - That is the question.
  • Interactive Source Code - Lutz Roeder wrote this Powerpoint deck a few years ago about source code, IDEs, Reflector and other fun stuff. [via Sam Gentile]
  • Property Grid in Reflector - I don’t know how Peli has time to write all of these. I thought he was going to work for MS soon!
  • NAnt and Multiple .NET Versions - Scott Hanselman shows us how to make sure NAnt runs with the version you expect.
  • Using Test Data Files in NUnit - I always thought everyone did this, but apparently they don’t. They should.
  • Cleansweep - I don’t think I can do this. In fact even looking at their list of “100 things you should do to make your life better” makes me unhappy. Perhaps #1 on the list should be “stop reading this list”. [via SecretGeek]