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Geek Notes 2004-06-24

Whew. Busy getting my head around BizTalk again. It has been a while, so I’ve got some catching up to so. Don’t be too surprised if I start posting a bunch of BTS04 stuff…

  • Transformers - Yes… those Transformers. The ones you (or your little brother) played with back in the 80s. Except this time it is a 3D rendered video with techno music backing it. A great way to waste 3 minutes. [via AaronX]
  • Organizing Your Source Code - Unlike Java, .NET doesn’t require a relationship between the file system and the code’s namespace. But as Brad Abrams points out here, there are probably some very good reasons to encourage something like that on your projects.
  • AirPort Express - Everyone noticed this little beauty from Apple. What is it? An 802.11 bridge… an audio source provider… optical output… a print server… WOW! As Scott Hanselman says, “This is a Leatherman for the geek, and it fits in your hand.”
  • Reflector Add-in Tutorial - Peli shows us how to make Reflector add-ins like all the cool&nbsp_place_holder;ones he’s bee making lately.
  • PsExec - I thought I knew all of the cool SysInternals tools, but I missed this one. Very cool. It lets you (among other things) open a command prompt on a remote machine. Tres cool. [cia Craig Andera]
  • Quick and Dirty NUnit Compatibility - Jim newkirs shows how to get the NUnit attributes to work with VS2K5TS Unit Testing.