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Geek Notes 2004-06-19

I’m off camping in about an hour, which should be a blast. I use the term camping loosely. A good friend owns 100 acres in the mountains outside of Ft. Collins and he has his birthday party camping trip each year about this time. We drink too much, play music, horseshoes and do some extreme sledding (riding a taboggan down a cliff in the summer time at 2am after drinking for 6 hours).

  • NUnit 2.2 Beta 1 - The next release is almost ready. Should be good, althought I know some people who think it was “done” at 2.0 and didn’t need any changes at all. :)
  • Using Reflection for the Visitor Pattern - After explainin how the visitor pattern works in a previous post, Brad Wilson now explains how reflection can be combined with Visitor to make an easier to use a read design. Take a look.
  • Netsh.exe - This went by a few weeks ago and I ignored it, but then this week I actually used one of the commands, so I thought I would share this post by Keith Browm showing how to configure your network from a command prompt. For those of use who hate using mice, this is a Good Thing.
  • Automatic (empty) Unit Test Case Generator in Reflector - I respect what Peli is doing here, but I question its value. As a TDD guy, I shouldn’t need it. But if you need a whole bunch of stub Ignored tests, this could help.
  • Microsoft Patterns & Practices Block Testing - Jim Newkirk blogs about some of the new stuff coming out of PAG around testing the app blocks.
  • Boo Programming Language - This looks interesting. A new .NET language inspired by Python that has a “focus on language and compiler extensibility.” [via Mike Gunderloy]
  • Marble Mouse Considered Bad - I’ve always hated these things, and Julia Lerman seems to have confirmed my feeling. It is apparently MUCH WORSE than a regular mouse as far as Repetitive Stress Disorders go. Take heed!

Have a great weekend!