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Geek Notes 2004-06-06

So I spent much of the weekend working on my new yard. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a yard with grass again. And the sprinkler system rules. If only Denver would let me turn it on more than twice a week…

  • Test-first vs. Test-driven Development - Dave Thomas makes an interesting distinction between “always write tests before production code” and “use tests to control your design”. An interesting distinction, but I don’t know why it matters.
  • Jazmine Framework for SharePoint - Bob Mixon has release the framework he’s been working on to a GDN Workspace. Good work Bob.
  • MSDN Subscriber Downloads RSS Feed - I don’t know how I missed this one. I love the RSS feed for MSDN Downloads and now I can find out when new stuff shows up on subscriber downloads!
  • IL Graphing Reflector Add-In - Wow. I don’t really know why I would want a graph of the IL for a routine, but it is neat.
  • N-Tier Design is Good - Scott Hanselman reminds the world why we don’t like to build apps with all of the code in the Page_Load event handler.
  • Diff Debugging - Martin Fowler is really good at coming up with neat names for unnamed things people already do… like this. What do you do when you find a test failing suddenly? You do a checkout of an earlier build and use diff to figure out what changed.
  • Unit Testing in VS2K5TS - Jim Newkirk shows the ever-popular “Hello World” using the new unit testing features in Whidbey.
  • Genome 2.0 - Yet another object relational mapping tool. Jesus… Am I the only one who hasn’t released one of these damn things?

And last but not least… Harry Pierson tips us all off to XMLSPY Home Edition, a free version of XMLSMY. Right on. I needed that. Apparently it is missing the graphical WSDL editor, but I can live without that.