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TechEd: Unit Testing and the SDLC

Barry Gervin hosted this BoF. It was originally scheduled to be at the same time as my Continuous Integration BoF, but Jim Newkirk suggested that we work to reschedule and Barry graciously asked to have his moved.

Having Jim involved was very nice. As the original creator of NUnit, Jim is basically the #1 guru of Test-Driven Development in .NET. Jim helped provide some excellent advice to the community around unit testing. One of my favorite things about Jim is how pragmatic he is. Everything he says is grounded in a very pragmatic approach that basically asks, “Do you have to do that?” This is the essense of the XP principle “Do the simplest thing that could possibly work.”

One of the things that Jim brought up, that he also brought up when he spoke at the XP Denver user group meeting, is Brian Marick’s four quadrants of testing. When we talk about Unit Testing, he reminded the group, we are talking about programming tests against the technology, not user interface testing, not performance testing, not scalability testing, etc.

All in all it was a good chat. I hope some of these people come to my continuous integration tool.