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Geek Notes 2004-05-21

So tomorrow I leave for San Diego and Tech Ed 2004. Should be a blast. As I did for PDC, here is a picture of me… if you see me, grab me and say hi. Or ping me on MSN IM… I am peter at provost dot org.

I spent way too much time today dealing with hoteling problems for the trip. Ugh. What a pain in the ass. But it looks as though I’ve got it worked out. Except for Saturday night I will be at the Airport Hilton with a number of other Interlinkers. Anyone else staying there? Do you know if we will have bus service? The TechEd website says no, but the travel people on the phone said yes. Guess I’ll find out when I get there.

Also, I’ve got a nice CruiseControl.NET demo setup for my BoF on Tuesday night. Should be fun. Please come. Here are a few links to make this a right and proper issue of Geek Notes.

  • YouSendIt.com - When you have a fat attachment that you can’t send via email, these guys will let you post it for free. I wonder what they get out of it? (Besides an opportunity to read everyone’s attachments.)
  • Scott’s TechEd List - Scott Hanselman posts his list of the TechEd sessions he thinks you should attend.
  • Weather Takes Out Debit Cards - The guys over at “This is Broken” find the funniest stuff…

A little while ago I got an IM from Marcie asking, “So are you going to come BOF the Datagrid Girl?” I almost fell out of my chair! I don’t think Eli would like that.