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Geek Notes 2004-05-15

So apparently Tech Ed San Diego is sold out. I’m not too surprised. Looks like it will have some pretty good content. I’ll be there running the Continuous Integration BoF with Kris Syverstad and working the Architecture Cabana with Harry Pierson, so look me up if you’re gonna be there.

  • Google Groups 2 Beta - New interface, Yahoo Groups style mailing lists and more…

  • Double Check Locking Pattern in .NET&nbsp_place_holder;- Brad Abrams has a new way to do it… but he’s not sure if you should or not.

  • WTL Released to SourceForge - Another MS codebase released to open source. Keep it coming.

  • BASIC Computer Games - I can’t believe I typed all these damn things in back when I was a kid. I can’t even read the code now… no whitespace, terrble readability. Oh those were the days. I’m still convinced that I learned to debug dealing with this stuff. [via The Daily Grind 372]

  • Google Local Beta - I just found this by accident. Type if a word and your zipcode and it find businesses near you.

  • ADOMD.NET - Fresh out of beta! “ADOMD.NET is a .NET object model, used for building client data access applications, for accessing an XML for Analysis (XMLA) 1.1 compliant data provider, such as that provided by the XML for Analysis 1.1 SDK.”