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Geek Notes 2004-05-12

The Dell video driver swap worked like a charm. I can once again use my laptop in presentation mode and it doesn’t resize when I close it. Ahhh…

  • Interface Inheritance in VB.NET - Christian Nagel shows a very interesting difference between VB.NET and C#. I wonder if it was intentional or accidental?
  • WiX For Dummies - Loren Halverson shares his teams tricks for using WiX to make MSI files. Sounds like they have made it work for them. [via The ServerSide.NET]
  • Hooked on Skype - The best free P2P IP Phone system is making some serious inroads with a number of prominent geeks. Some are even posting their Skype addresses to their weblogs.
  • MBF Pushed Back Again - The Microsoft Business Framework, which was supposed to ship with Whidbey, now won’t. This and ObjectSpaces will ship sometime later, possibly as late as Longhorn. Boo. [via Christian Nagel]
  • Programmers are Like Chauffeurs? - Tom Vande Stouwe presents an interesting metaphor that relates programmers int he 21st century to chauffeurs in the early 20th century. Interesting idea… probably not far off. [via DevHawk]
  • Riddle Me This Google - Eric Lippert spent some serious time mining his web server logs for interesting Google searches that let to his blog. Then he spent way too much time answering some of the weirder questions. Very funny.