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What About Wintellect?

Peter commented on my “Thinktecture is…” post and said:

“Hey, Peter, what’s about do similar analysis for example on Wintellect… “

OK. Maybe I wasn’t fair. Let’s see…

After visiting the Wintellect Instructor Bios Page, I found the following people. Then I used the RD Search page and the MVP list to see what I would find.

Name RD? MVP? Location

Jeff Prosise No Yes USA

John Robbins No Yes NH, USA

Jeffrey Richter No Yes WA, USA

Francesco Balena Yes No Italy

Dino Esposito No No Italy

Kenn Scribner No No OH, USA

John Lam No No Canada

Jason Clark No No WA, USA

Brent Rector No Yes CA, USA

Peter DeBetta No No TX, USA

To me this is a completelt different picture from that painted by Thinktecture. First of all Thinktecture was founded by two RDs and has two others on staff. That is the whole company. Also, Germany and Austria taken together are smaller than the state of California and yet they have 4 RDs… two of whom are also MVPs. Wintellect has one RD and four MVPs.

I think I was fair.