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A Small Rant About MS Office

Sometimes Office really pisses me off. The inconsistencies between the products is tremendously annoying.

The one that has been bother me lately relates to using Office products in a multi-monitor setup. All of the Office products present themselves as being “mult-window” applications (as opposed to MDI applications). So when you open two Word documents, you get two entries in your task bar. Cool.

But here’s where I get pissed off.

In Word, you can actually open two word documents in two different windows. You can put one on one monitor and one on your second monitor.

But you know what?

You can’t do that with any of the other office products. They are actually still MDI applications masquerading as multi-window applications. So you can’t put one Excel sheet on one monitor and another on the other monitor. You can’t put one PowerPoint deck on one monitor and other deck on the other monitor.

That is CRAP!