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TechEd 2004 - I'll Be There

So, I will be attending TechEd 2004 in San Diego later this month.

Not only will I be attending, but I will be working. First of all, as you probably know already, I have submitted a Birds of Feather session:

Continuous Integration in .NET

Setting up a continuous integration system for .NET development is a challenging but essential process. In this session, we will discuss the tools that are currently available, see demos of one or two and talk about the state of CI in .NET.

That should be a blast. When last I checked, it was second in the rankings, so please go vote for it to make sure it happens.

In addition to the BoF, I will be working at Harry Pierson’s (aka DevHawk) Architecture Cabana. The community cabanas are basically “ask the expert” sessions that run concurrently with the conference sessions. At PDC last year, this wasn’t so formalized and so it was hard to find the right people to talk to. This will be an attempt to rectify that situation. For more information, see the Community page at the TechEd 2004 site.

I’m really looking forward to that. It should be a blast. Please come by and see us.

Another thing that I know I haven’t seen blogged much is the Architect Road Rally on May 23rd. Basically it is a party at the San Diego Automotive Museum with remote control car races. Oh yeah. You don’t want to miss that. Busses will be going to and from the San Diego Convention&nbsp_place_holder; Center. Visit the site to sign up

Whew! Looks like it will be at least as busy as the PDC was.