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Geek Notes 2004-05-01

So the .TEXT migration seems to have been successful. I’m hoping to post the code later tonight, but I need to write up some docs for how to use it all. There are a couple of interesting parts.

One thing I didn’t expect was to discover that the NewsGator Plug-In for .TEXT behaves very differently that the one for dasBlog. The dasBlog Plug-In let me type a category name in the Outlook Category field and it became the category for the new post on the weblog. The .TEXT one doesn’t seem to work that way. Very disappointing. I’m hoping I can find a work-around or I basically won’t be able to use NewGator to post anymore.

  • Using Google to Find Security Vulnerabilities - I would never suggest that you should hack anyone, but this is an interesting way to use Google to find sites that are vulnerable to attack. [via Bruce Schneier’s Crypto-Gram]
  • PicoContainer for .NET - This is a .NET port of a Java framework that implements a pattern called Inversion of Control or Dependency Injection. Also known as “The Hollywood Principle” or “Don’t call us we’ll call you”, this pattern is used to create VERY loosly coupled system. Essentially a component declares what other components it is dependent on and that component is supplied externally.
  • All That’s Wrong With UML - Ted Neward comments on this article that discusses why UML has created a culture that is less than desirable. Note that they problem is not actually with UML but with the processes and/or expectations that often accompany its use.
  • Efficience of Iteration Over Arrays - Eric Gunnerson talks about the most efficient way to iterate over an array of integers. Summary: use the clearer implementation (foreach) instead of the most efficient (for) to avoid premature optimization.
  • Visual C++ 2003 Toolkit Download - Just last week I was talking to a group of university students and I said, “You can develop in C# or VB for free with the .NET SDK, but not C++. That requires you to buy Visual Studio .NET to get the compiler.” Well, that isn’t true anymore. Now you can have the C++ compiler for free.
  • PInvoke.NET - Everyone else already blogged this, but I want to get it down for myself. This site is your one-stop-shop for P/Invoke signatures.