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Timing Is Interesting

It’s kinda funny how interesting timing is…

We had the MVP party tonight and it was a great time, Drank a few beers with a number of very cool fun people and got to see Rory sing “I Want Your Sex” in the karaoke room. You just can’t beat that.

But that’s not what the title of this post is about…

After the party I took the bus back to downtown (where the hotels are) and rather than get off at my hotel, I got off at the W and spent some time with Christoph and a number of European and Canadian MVPs until they kicked us out at last call.

Still not what the title of this post is about…

I walked back to the Westin with Andy Smith and when we got there, as expected, the bar was closed. Just as we were getting ready to head up to our respective rooms, someone came up to us (and the rest of the MVPs in the lobby hoping to get a last drink) and said, “Are you all MVPs?”

I guess my badge wasn’t good enough evidence.

“Uhhh… yeah,” we replied.

“Come on upstairs… there’s a party in the penthouse suite.”

It turns out that the guy who won the #1 voted question (to ask Steve Ballmer) on the MVP newsgroups hadn’t actually made the conference. So he gave it to a friend and by being #1, he got a free penthouse suite.

This place was bigger than my house.

(Now we get to the part that is related to the title.)

So I got to hang out up there on the top floor of the Westin… one of the taller buildings in downtown Seattle (43rd floor as I recall)… drinking beer and talking Agile/XP and .NET and Java and many other topics with Ted Neward, Mark Dunn and many, many others.

If I’d come home and gone to bed earlier (as had been my original plan), I would have missed all that.

At this point… (3am) I think is was very worth tomorrow’s (or is it today’s?) hangover. We’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow morning. :)