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MVP Summit Day 0

Well, made it to Seattle for the MVP Global Summit, but only just barely. How’s this for a contradiction… we got fogged in in Denver and almost didn’t get out, but when we got to Seattle, it was SUNNY! Bass-ackwards.

I know that Andy Smith got to the airport at the same time as I did, but his outbound plane hadn’t arrived yet while mine had. So I got out, but he didn’t. Bummer. I called him from SEA-TAC and he was just boarding in Denver. :(

I spent the entire flight working on a conversion tool to go from dasBlog to .TEXT. Not too hard. I’ve got the posts done and now I’m working on comments (no problem) and attachments (not sure yet). I’ll post the code and the EXE when I’m done with it.

Shared a town car from the airport with Robert McLaws. He was jetting off to some event with Scoble et al, so I don’t have much to do for the afternoon. Check in is tonight, then I’m off to dinner with some of the WTOT people. Should be a blast.

I probably won’t be “blogging” this conference like I did the PDC. Much of the content will be under NDA (sorry) and I seriously doubt I will have time. I will try to post here and there, and if I can I will try to put up a Geek Notes or two. At a minimum, I’ll post a summary at the end.