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Geek Notes 2004-04-02

Not that many good April Fool’s day jokes on the net yesterday but there were a few good ones on the radio. Here in Denver KBPI had people lined up all morning waiting for free gas.

Yeah right!

And on NPR, they had an excellent story about the ZIP Code Portability Act of 2004. That was some funny shit!

So after reading that Linux article and thinking about it some more, I have to ask a question… why is it that Red Hat charging $179 and up for RH Enterprise Linux isn’t a violation of the GPL? Sure… I know… they claim that it is for “support” but if that is true, then why is the fee “per-installed-processor”? And if I don’t want the support, why do I have to pay?

Seems to me that the Linux folks are so busy being anti-Microsoft that they aren’t paying attention to their own backyard.