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Geek Notes 2004-03-26

Wow. What a month for MSDN Magazine articles. The April 2004 issue looks amazing. Some other good stuff out there too…

  • Beware of Fully Trusted Code - This article from MSDN by Keith Brown explains why what it means for a .NET Assembly to be fully trusted and why you should care. “By default, ASP.NET server applications run with full trust because all the code is installed right there on the server.” Consider the implications of that statement and read this article.
  • Test-Driven C# - As expected, now that Jim Newkirk is working at MS we are starting to see some XP and TDD articles on MSDN. Good stuff. Still waiting for Jim’s book
  • Code Coverage Analysis in .NET - This article talks about how to can test the coverage of your unit tests. We already have tools like NCover and others, but this article shows you how to write your own.
  • BizTalk Overview - Darrell Norton has put together a set of BTS links from all over the ‘net. If you are working with this product, check out this page.
  • .NET Nuke 2.0 Released - The very popular portal project has hit a milestone release. I’ll have to check this out soon…
  • Writing Truly Generic Code in C# - Jesse Ezell talks about using delegates to accomplish loose coupling. Cool.