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Geek Notes 2004-03-05

Whew! I spent the week out at a client site doing an Architectural Design Review of a .NET framework that they’ve been developing for the past year or so. All-in-all I think they did a good job. They still have some work ahead of them (of course), but it is pretty well thought out.

  • Does Microsoft .NET measure up? - This InfoWorld Special Report tries to answer that question. John Udell gives it good grades (As and Bs). What do you think? [via Don Box]
  • The Smart Client Experience - Microsoft Regional Director and fellow Interlinker Joe Shirey starts blogging with this post about Smart Clients.
  • Security in Java and .NET - The .NET world and the Java world have completely different approaches to how security is implemented. Stefano Demiliani has posted a convenient set of links to four articles from onjava.com that cover configuration, cryptography, code access, and authentication & authorization.
  • Optimizing Thread Pooling - Here is a topic you don’t see everyday. And a solution technique that I’ve never seen before. Rico Mariani tells the store of how he used a Poisson Function to determine what the optimal size of his thread pool was. Very cool technique!
  • IEEE Plans to Standardize Agility - Brian Marick rants gently about why the IEEE shouldn’t be trying to lock agility into a mold.
  • Virtual Sex Change - Man oh man… this is hilarious. See George W Bush as a woman. See yourself! See your boss!