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Geek Notes 2004-02-15

So my wife and I found out on Friday that we are going to have a boy in July. She’s been predicting a boy since we found out that we were pregnant, but I wasn’t sure. After seeing the “parts” on the ultrasound, I’m convinced. We are all very excited and I have to admit, knowing the gender really does make the name game a little easier. :)

  • New Longhorn Screenshots - Courtesy of Neowin.net, here are shots of build 4053. Apparently nothing new since the PDC build. [via Stephano Demiliani]
  • QueryDom - Here is a resurrection of an old idea (I attempted something like this in C++ years ago). A DOM (Document Object Model) that you can use to generate dynamic SQL queries.
  • XmlSerializer Leak - Paul Wilson found a nice little memory leak in XmlSerializer. If you use this class very much (I sure do), you should read this post.
  • Dynamically Adding <head> Content in ASP.NET - Brendan Tompkins proposes an interesting solution to this problem. I’ve always just used a Placeholder, but his trick should work too.
  • Allegiance Source Code Released - Back in 2000 MS released Allegiance, a team-based online game unlike anything before it. Now you can have the source… only 511MB! If you don’t care about the source and just want to play, visit FreeAllegiance.org.
  • Simpsons Movie Finally Going to Happen - Matt Groening has been hinting at this for years. Will it be great or will it suck? I wonder…