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How Not to Behave in a Movie Theatre

So, Saturday night my wife and I went to see LOTR ROTK at the local theatre. It was my second time to see it but her first. It is always nice to get out and have a night away from the kid, just me and her.

We got there a little early and settled into seats on the isle. Em is pregnant, so she was concerned about bathroom breaks during the 3 1/2 hour film. As the previews rolled, the theatre was starting to fill up.

The seats we had chosen were in the second isle.. the one that has the railing in front of a few seats. The railing corresponds to a handicap section in the row before. Right as the movie was getting ready to start, a woman wheeled in with her dog and a couple of friends and they settled into that section. Behind us I could hear what sounded like a russian couple chatting… no biggie.

Until the movie started. Now I don’t want anyone to accuse me of picking on Russian or wheelchair bound people, ‘cause I’m not. I just happens that these two groups of people almost ruined this movie for me and my wife. Picture this…

After every line in the movie, the russian lady would translate for her husband. If something was written on the screen, they would both read it out loud. At the beginning of the film, they were whispering and I didn’t really notice it. I sorta just blended into Frodo’s hallucinations and Gollem’s mutterings. But they got louder and louder. By the time it gets to where Frodo is finishing up the book, the two of them were basically reading along with Frodo at full speaking volume. I was fuming.

So what is up with the handicapped lady, you ask? I think it annoyed my wife less but me more. Have you ever sat in a theatre with people who don’t understand that you shouldn’t always bark out a laugh every time something mildly humorous on the screen? People who clap and cheer when the good guys do something well? People who high-five when Gimli makes a joke?

God I hate that. Applause is for when you want to let performers know that you like their performance. You don’t need to clap during a movie. And a little bit of restraint on the other boisterous behavior would be appreciated by all the people around you.