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Geek Notes 2004-01-15

Well my cold seems to be getting better, although I did spend today working from home and yesterday under a blanket on the couch.

My Outlook Add-In project ships tomorrow. It will be nice to get that done and off to the customer. Maybe I’ll have more time to blog once that is done. We’ll see.

  • Lego In Trouble - Bummer. Apparently Lego had a bad loss last year. They’ve fired two execs and are considering layoffs. They also may be cancelling Mindstorms. Bummer. [via Ole Eichhorn]
  • The True Cost of Reflection - Steve Eichert posts some very interesting results about the performance impacts of reflection based code in .NET. Steve Maine then follows that post up with some more interesting results. Good stuff to know if you’re using .NET reflection.
  • Red vs Blue - Season 2 has started. Get it while its hot. [via Adam Field]
  • Spirit Goes for a Stroll - Today the Mars Spirit rover wheeled off of the lander and took a look back. Now the good stuff can begin.