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Geek Notes 2004-01-02

What a year 2003 was, eh? Tech-weblogging goes crazy… LOTR finished with a bang… PDC 2003 showed us Longhorn, Whidbey and more… Windows SmartPhones finally hit the US… G-Dub is still President (somehow)… The company I co-founded crahed and burned… Then I got a new job…


  • Getting Started with ObjectSpaces - We are finally starting to see some MSDN content about ObjectSpaces. This article is from the Belgium/Luxembourg site… [via The Daily Grind]
  • SmartBarXP - Do you want the Longhorn Sidebar now? On your Windows XP machine? Get get SmartBarXP and you’ll have exactly that.
  • Window Blinds - OK, so you have the side bar, but maybe you want the Slate theme… install Window Blinds and you’ve got that. Why wait for Longhorn? (Just kidding of course.)
  • The Theory of Everything (still waiting) - Early & Adopter rant on about the disconnect between object technologies and relational databases. I agree with them… “we have a different theory for eveything. I want the Theory of Everything.” Tim Bray responded, as did Don Box and Dare Obasanjo.
    • I’m just wrapping up a project in C++ that uses ATL. I wish I’d found this before we started. It looks like a very well thought out replacement for ATL that is inherently STL friendly. Cool. Here is the Comet homepage.