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Geek Notes 2003-12-31

I’m outta here. Spent too much time today fighting SharePoint with one had and debugging old-school ATL COM with the other.

I’m going to drink beer… See you all next year!

  • Free ATL/WTL Classes - I think I may have blogged this site before, but since I’m working on an ATL/WTL project right now, I found it again. (There are also some MFC, C++, and ,NET samples.)
  • Object Spaces in an SOA World - Andrew Conrad answers some questions about how the Object Spaces (the new O/R Mapper in Whidbey) fits in with SOAs.
  • SOAPScope - I think I may have blogged about this before, but it saved my ass today so I’ll rave again. If you are doing Interop things with SOAP and WebServices, this tool is essential. It acts like a SOAP sniffer on either the client or the server and tracks what messages are sent back and forth. Version 3 will be out soon that adds VS.NET integration and a bunch of other cool things.
  • ProxyTrace - If SOAPScope is too expensive for you, give this a try. Not as feature rich, but it may help. [via dive into mark b-links]
  • LLBLGenPro Panned - I’ve posted about this product before. Mark Bonafe gives a more thorough review and decides it just isn’t for him. Like me, he is leaning toward using his own templates with CodeSmith.
  • XSD Schema Documenter - This is a nice little tool that converts XSD files into easy-to-read XHTML documents. [via ISerializable]

Oh and while I’m at it, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?