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Geek Notes 2003-12-01

As expected, there was a lot more content on the feeds this morning. I can’t believe it is December already! Wow.

  • ASP.NET Common Web Page Class Library - I haven’t tried out the code yet, but this set of ASP.NET classes sure looks useful. Eric Woodruff provides base classes for your pages that have templating-like features, data notification, can email their rendered content and more. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.
  • Cell Phone Vigilantism - This reminds me of a scene in David Brin’s novel Earth where the kids are being monitored by old people with digital cameras built in to their eyeglasses. In this case the roles were reversed with a kid taking a picture of cops being bad.
  • Printing Confidential Docs - I wonder if this trick works on all printers or just some? My guess is that it is a feature of his printer. Cool nonetheless.
  • Will TiVo Destroy Ad-Supported Television? - An interesting article in Television week asks a question that I’ve been asking since getting my TiVo. [via Slashdot]
  • SCCBridge - A freeware alternative to SourceOffSite for remote access to your Source Safe repositories. [via Korby Parnell]
  • Visual Studio Tools for Office Developer’s Center - At the PDC I heard one of the VSTO guys mention that tons of new content was coming soon and it looks like they are delivering on that promise.

And here is a funny quote for today from Win Tech Off Topic:

SteveC: “Is it me, or is Google the new Wizard of Oz?”

John Kale: “You mean you get the most success when you use it with Dark Side of the Moon playing in the background?”

And as a final note, go to the Campbell’s Chunky site and pick your favorite NFL team. For each person who votes, Campbell gives a can of soup to the needy.