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Reaction to a Bomb Threat

Bruce Schneier writes in his most recent CRYPTO-GRAM:

I found this in Tim Bray’s weblog: “In the speakers’ room at Seybold, there were plenty of Cat5 drops but a shortage of DHCP leases. When they announced the bomb threat, Lauren saw people unplugging and leaving, brightened up and said ‘Oh good, I can grab my e-mail’ and plugged in. Is that great or what, and I ask: why would a geek ever marry a non-geek?”

This is a great story: someone taking advantage of the Internet services made temporarily available because of a bomb threat. And honestly, this would probably have been my reaction as well. Bombings are much less common than bomb threats, and staying in a threatened building is only slightly less dangerous than leaving. But getting your e-mail – now that’s important.

Security is always a trade-off.

This is fucking hilarious. I’m with you Bruce and Tim… I’d plug in. :)