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PDC - Power Harder to Find Than Bandwidth

I was just talking to Greg Reinacker who is still stuck at DIA trying to get here and I was telling him that the connectivity here at PDC is amazing. Wireless in the breakout rooms, good bandwidth, ethernet for those without WiFi, etc.

The problem is actually finding power.

At the CommNet stations they have power, but if you are in a breakout session you have to plan your seating very carefully if you want to stay powered up. I got a good seat for my PreCon session, but there weren’t many. In fact there was only one that wasn’t way out on the edge. By sitting next to the video camera station, I was able to plug into their power strip. :)

UPDATE: I just went and downloaded Firebird 0.7 (from Scott Hanselman’s recommendation) and I was getting almost 400K download speeds over wireless. That’s pretty damn good.