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So I was up in Vail working through a breakout session (with a mild hangover from the night before) when my dad calls.

“I can’t get to Google. I can get to a bunch of other sites, but I can’t seem to get to Google? Did you mess up my networking?”

He asked this last bit because when he was at my house I had to tweak his wireless to get him on my network. But I didn’t do anything other that add a SSID and WEP-key to his wireless config, and since he could get to some sites but not others, it couldn’t be that.

So we went ‘round and ‘round and finally I had to go back to my meeting. Later in the day he found a post by someone telling him to delete the hosts file in C:\Windows\Help. This solved his problem.

This morning I discovered what it was that was causing this… another damn virus/worm/trojan/malware.