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Pragmatic Practitioners in Denver

Brad Wilson (aka .NET Guy) writes:

Peter Provost_ mentioned once about _his desire to start a Pragmatic Practitioner’s group here in Denver_├é and having an inaugural meeting November. Is this still happening? Is there something I can do to help along the process?_

My bad. What happened is that I emailed Dave Thomas about coming, and after an email or two he went dark and after waiting for him I kinda forgot about the project.

So! I guess what we need to do it schedule the darn thing and see what happens, eh? A number of people showed interest. Who would like to help me organize this thing?

We need to do a few things:

  1. Pick a location. I doubt we will get more than a dozen people at first, so we don’t need anything huge.
  2. Pick a topic/agenda/plan. We should probably review everything at http://www.pragmaticprogrammer.com/cgi-local/pragprog?HomePage to get an idea of what other groups have done.
  3. Schedule it and send out invites. I think we should still target Nov 15-17 just in case Dave can join us.

I would like to ask for a few volunteers (Brad? Gordon?) to help me get this done. Perhaps we can meet for an hour or two over a beer to plan this out.

Let’s take this offline for now. Please email me if you’re interested. I would like to schedule the planning meeting for sometime in the next week or so.